What Does Modern Art Teach Us?

Modern art as a notion tends to evoke drastically different responses in people; some might be extremely enthusiastic and glad to chat about the possibilities of human flourishing that open up once a person takes the time to appreciate modern art while others consider art which they cannot easily comprehend a waste of time. It is easy to understand that there is no one easy answer here, all of it depends on how a person views the role of art in everyday life and what influence art has on them. That being said, while a modern art museum might not be everybody’s cup of tea for a weekly Saturday visit, the general idea of being able to appreciate modern art and learn from it is worth taking into account.


While we will probably not become artists just by visiting a modern art museum, seeing highly innovative and unique pieces of art can bring us a so-needed boost in creativity. And it can be the type of creativity necessary to solve an issue at work what you’ve been stuck with for some time, because it turns out all you needed to do is to look from a different angle. It can also inspire us to live our lives in a more extraordinary, daring way, which is rewarding and can bring some unforgettable memories.

Modern art is often sarcastically depicted with an imagery of a dot or a couple of brush strokes in the middle of a white canvas. While the question of its monetary value is a complicated one and will be left aside in this article, in terms of reflection and self-development, even these minimalistic pieces of art can carry valuable messages, for instance that the genius can easily be found in the most simple of things, or that the most complicated solution doesn’t need to be the one you’re constantly looking for with the hopes it will produce the most desirable result.


No one ever said that you’re supposed to “get it” within the first four seconds of looking at a piece of art. In fact, most artworks are created with utmost care and details that might seem completely insignificant can actually carry symbolic meanings, all of which put together make up for a substantial story behind what might seem as a strange looking sculpture.


Although controversial, there is a saying that modern art is not about art, it’s about the person experiencing it. In other words, some pieces of art were never made to convey a specific message or affect a spectator in one certain way but instead to create space where a person would derive all of these things from themselves. In the modern day, where people are in constant turmoil, with minds polluted by electronic devices and a gigantic flow of information from social media and other sources, taking the time to sit (or stand, if you’re in a gallery) still and reflect is quite a luxury. If given the benefit of the doubt, opening up one’s mind and exploring unusual art pieces can prove to be an incredibly rewarding experience.