Top Museum Influencers and Contributors

Top Museum Influencers and Contributors

When we are traveling around the world, one of the first places we want to visit in a new city is a museum. The history of these places is very long, and they appeared because people wanted to have multiple art pieces from different cultures and timelines. The birth of these places was sometime during the 16th century when the royalty started to gather pieces from the lands they conquered and soon this became an attraction for the upper class too. The popularity of such collections then moved to the middle-class society too. Usually, the museums had a quite expensive entrance fee that didn’t allow the poor people to see art. Later, collectors wanted to share the beauty of art with all the citizens and opened their doors to the whole world. Nowadays, many of the art pieces found in the modern museums and only are there thanks to the contributors. The art market is extremely dynamic and it is usually dictated by the influencers and contributors.

For a very long time, the major contributors of the museums were the royal families. Napoleon for example was one of the biggest contributors for the Louvre museum. During his time the museum received thousands of works which were later returned to their owners because they were taken during his conquests.

Other great contributors are the Guggenheim family. This dynasty was one of the richest families in Europe and they had a soft spot for art. During the wars they bought works from civilians that wanted to get some money fast. This is how their collection managed to be one of the largest private collections in history. Luckily, this family understands the importance and value of art and they wanted to share it with the world. There are many museums worldwide that are owned by the Guggenheim family and there are plenty of other galleries that have their pieces. They also donated many works of art to other museums so that people could enjoy it all.

Guggenheim Museum,
Guggenheim Museum

Gundlach family is also one of the main contributors and influencers in the art world. This amazing family donated more than 40 million dollars to AKG Art museum. People that manage this place stated that without this donation they wouldn’t have been able to buy some new and amazing art pieces for the place. We will definitely enjoy the new additions of the museum in the years to come.

Influencers are the people that dictate how the art market goes. There were many news on the internet about painting being sold with hundreds of millions of dollars or that painting left a museum in favor of a new collection and people didn’t really understand what happened. Influencers are the ones who decide which painting is worth 10 dollars and which is worth millions based on their experience and expertise and this is why they are so respected in the art world. They are also the ones that collaborate with museums and help them get new collections and negotiate transactions.