The World’s Best Interactive Museums

The World’s Best Interactive Museums

We all have different ways to learn and retain knowledge, and while some may rather just read a book on a subject, instead of copying paragraphs and paragraphs on it, or hearing a class about it, others feel better just by looking at it with pictures.

But, what is a fact, is that all of us find it way better and easier to interact with something before comprehending it and learning about it, and gladly, there are several interactive museums that can help us out with that. Today, we’re going to let you know about some of the best in the world:

Deutsches Museum

As you may have figured out, the Deutsches Museum is located in Germany. It has over 5 thousand square meters and over 999 thousand objects that could help you learn all there is to know about science and technology, especially when it comes to engines and vehicles, with pieces like the first ever Mercedes-Benz car.

Museo Interactivo Mirador

The Museo Interactivo Mirador is located in South America, specifically in Chile, and has the purpose of providing a fun and entertaining experience that can also help people learn about science. It has over 15 different rooms and several simulators with over 300 different experiments.

Britain’s Museum of Popular Music

Located in London, this incredible museum will knock you off your feet, especially if you’re a music enthusiast like most of us. Here, you’ll find an interactive studio where you can compose your very own musical song and play all of the instruments you’ll find there. Also, you’ll be able to enjoy a couple of the most popular tunes of great British bands like Queen, The Beatles or The Rolling Stones.

Cité Des Sciences

The Cité des Sciences or City of Science in Paris counts with over 300 meters where you can find a spherical movie theater called Geoda, as well as a huge concert room called Zenith. This place is 100% interactive and is built as an entire city, the name suggests. With movies, songs, culture, art and you name it, is a once-in-a-lifetime kind of experience.

Space Center Houston

This one’s one of the most visited tourists’ venues in the world. The 100% interactive Space Center in Houston, USA, hosts over 700 thousand tourists per year, thanks to the way they show all of the NASA efforts. Their approach is both fun and easy to understand. Also, the spaceships simulators are top-notch, especially for kids.

Space Center Houston
Space Center Houston

Museo Interactivo De La Economía

This one has to be one of the most creative museums you’ll ever find. Right in the heart of Mexico City, the nation’s capital, you’ll be able to learn how to handle your finances, something most grown ups still don’t know anything about. In this place, you’ll find everything there is to know about finance on a different, entertaining way.

Museo De Los Niños

The Museo de Los Niños (Children’s Museum) in Caracas, Venezuela, will turn even most grown-ups in kids thanks to its interactive rooms and games. There, you’ll be able to know about biology, chemistry, physics, and even space by taking part in all of the activities and different games you’ll find in its rooms.