Museums That Offer Top Art Lessons and Why You Should Take Them

Museums That Offer Top Art Lessons and Why You Should Take Them

Learning art has been shown to help with language development of children and is beneficial in relieving stress in adults. So, we know that there is no downside to learning art. Not only does it have such benefits but for many it is just an enjoyable pass time as well. Doing art is a good way for a person to express emotion in a safe environment and to be able to relax. Many psychotherapists have recognized the value of art therapy in treating people with psychological problems and issues. A really great place to take art classes are at museums and some of the best museums in the world offer high quality art classes that people of all ages can sign up for.

Child Education Programs

The Museum of Fine Arts in Boston is one such museums. They offer courses for all ages and levels from preschool age (ages 4 to 5), children 5 to 11 years, teenagers 12 to 18 years, and adult. The museum also partners with several schools in Boston to provide art programs to the children in the area.

Many museums are now taking on a larger role in education than they ever have before. The Art Institute of Chicago is one such examples. They allow the children to touch many of the exhibits and sculptures and they hold various programs for children to do. They offer a class for 3-5-year-old kids with parents’ present.

Free Courses

The Metropolitan Museum of Art (MoMA) in New York City offers great art classes. Many onsite classes are offered in which modern and contemporary methods of art are taught. They offer both daytime and evening classes for various ages. MoMA offers many online free courses about art which anybody can take to learn about artists and various techniques that are used. Curators and exhibitors at the museum are the people teaching the classes, so they can also teach you about the works of art displayed in the museum.

Adult Classes

The Alexandria Museum of Art in Louisiana also offers a range of art classes. They offer lessons in drawing, sculpture and watercolors for adults. The Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA) offers several art lessons. The adult classes include costume figure drawing and portrait drawing, as well as painting with water colors. They also offer family art classes where kids and parents can work together to make various pieces of art. You can essentially learn about all aspects of art at LACMA.


The Milwaukee Art Museum in Wisconsin gives some great opportunities to take art classes as well. They not only offer classes for adults and teens in an art studio with terrific instructors, but also summer camps each year. Classes and summer camps include such topics as painting, drawing, screen printing and even how to paint and how to make sculptures with clay.

Museums offering art classes are not a new thing, however, many people have not heard of the classes and are missing out on the opportunity. Hopefully this will inspire you to explore your creativity at your local museum.