Modern Art Techniques You May Not Know About

Everybody’s an artist nowadays, or at least, that’s what some modern artists may want you to think. Either way, there are a lot of people currently thinking outside the box and changing the way art is conceived.

Throughout history, art has changed and evolved in order to better represent the way artists see the world they live in, and modern art has gone great distances lately to do something different, better, revolutionary. Notably, that means, more often than not, modern artists have found ways to use their environment as a mean of art, making the viewer a part of the piece itself, rather than a passive agent just standing on a gallery and looking at paintings. Creativity plays a huge role in modern art, as artists must take something ordinary and turn it into something completely new, something that may not mean anything at all on its own but that, integrated with other elements, can take the viewer to a whole new dimension. Some may argue everything is valid when creating art, and, according to some new techniques, that may actually be true. Today, we’ll show you just a handful of the most revolutionary things modern artists are up to nowadays:


Modern artists have been thriving for years with this technique. As its name suggests, photorealism consists of taking a picture of something that’s real and then painting it as precisely and detailed as you can. This technique may not be the latest, as it’s been around since the late ‘60s, but it’s by far one of the pinnacles of modern art, as photorealists are gaining more and more ground as years go by.


Even though anamorphosis finds its origins in a different kind of art, it’s conceived as a kind of modern art by connoisseurs due to the way it’s done by the artist and perceived by its viewers nowadays. Basically, anamorphosis consists of creating a sole picture that the artist and its viewers will view from just one standpoint, so he’ll have to compromise his perception in order to make things work.

Body Fluids

Yes, crazy as it may seem, modern artists are using body fluids to create their masterpieces right now, and it’s a trend that’s growing by the day hand in hand with the feminist movements across the world. As you may guess by its name, nothing’s off the table when using body fluids to do art, not even urine, blood or semen. Quesada, a Brazilian artist, is one of the main representatives of this controversial technique, even though it’s been around for years, with painters like Armando Reveron also thriving off it.

Ecological Graffiti

Rather than using paint, ecological graffiti uses natural elements to create a huge picture, and it could be even considered as a different kind of landscaping for the way artists take the nature and turn it into something completely revolutionary. Another way of ecological graffiti takes place when artists remove the filth of the walls by using pressure washers, creating a whole new piece by just using blank spaces to form huge compositions.