All about the Metropolitan Museum

The idea behind this museum can be traced back in France in 1866 when a group of Americans decided that the United States needed a great cultural hub. When they returned home they gathered a large number of art experts, businessmen and philanthropists and managed to start this grand project.  In 1870 the museum first opened.  The museum acquired the first object, a Roman sarcophagus, later that year.  After a swift move to another building, the museum soon moved to the location when it can be found today.  The museum expanded rapidly and the building we see today is the work of many architects that designed themed wings for this amazing building.

The museum continued to buy artwork from all around the globe, no matter the age of them. The purpose of every new collection was to add value to the American culture and to help citizens expand their knowledge. The unofficial mascot of the museum entered the collection in 1917. The statue comes all the way from Ancient Egypt and it represents a hippopotamus.  “William” is now accompanied by more than 26000 objects from Egypt. The surface of two million square feet is always full of art object from all around the world. Many critics consider this museum a museum of the human art rather than a regular art museum that has a focus on a specific time or region. The historical importance of each art work is indisputable. The museum now has satellite buildings that feature regular exhibitions and other special events. At the end of 2016 almost 7 million people visited the Met. This makes the museum one of the most popular attractions in New York City.

Metropolitan museum

The museum started to expand their collections and they now feature designated wings for each geographical region and period of time. The museum also has an impressive weapon collection that is considered one of the largest in the world. They also have many furniture pieces that make easier to understand the life of people in the past times. The museum is very family-friendly and it has many tours from which visitors can choose. The time needed to explore the whole museum definitely exceeds a few days. Don’t neglect the tiny works displayed at the museum. Many of the museum guides present some amazing tiny clay tablets that show the amazing craftwork our ancestors had. The museum also features many small clay statuettes that are believed to be several thousand years old. Many of the wings are designed to introduce you to the feeling of the displayed time. The Egyptian collection is sometimes found in replicas of tombs or portions of temples and late 19th century objects are in rooms that look just like a fresh design from the 1800s. This museum is considered a true treasure of the whole humanity and many people consider that the way art pieces are presented is the perfect way to show respect to every nation and era. It is definitely a place to visit.