All about MACBA

The Museum of Contemporary Art was opened in 1995 in order to respond to the increasing need for contemporary art. Many of the modern Spanish artists already had dedicated galleries and less known artists were left undiscovered. The museum focuses more on the late 20th century and features artists like Fontana, Saura and Klee. If you want to visit this museum you should have in mind that the exhibitions change every 3-6 months so you should get informed about the present or next exhibition.

The museum is located in District Raval, one of the most colorful and vibrant areas in Barcelona. The building was designed by the American architect Richard Meier that managed to create one of the most controversial museums in the world. The exterior features a lot of concrete and bright colors that contrast with the old image of a museum located in a Baroque building. The museum is considered a cultural hub in Barcelona. Besides the exhibition, the museum also hosts many cultural events like film projections, art festivals, conferences, workshops and many more. The location is also known as the go-to place for skateboard and parkour lovers. The exterior designs and the sharp edges at the entrance of the museum make it the perfect place to try some new tricks.  The idea and necessity of the museum existed ever since the 50’s but the political environment from that time didn’t allow the creation of such a place.


The museum is surrounded by many cafes and restaurants that make this place a true cultural hub. The interior design is very modern and it is highly appreciated by modern art fans. Being designed for this type of art only, the museum sometimes gets less appreciative feedback from people that aren’t very good friends with modern art. The exhibitions are much more than paintings hanging on the walls. The artists design their exhibitions in such a way that you are fully immersed in their feelings and perspective. Besides the temporary exhibitions there are some permanent art works that only change their location in the museum. The purpose of the whole building is to make the perfect atmosphere for art lovers. It is not the regular room-after-room design that we see in many old museum. The fluidity of the space is specially designed to make the whole museum tour a true cultural and even spiritual experience.

The museum is very close to a metro station that makes it easily accessible and many other interesting locations are found right near the museum. The contrast between old Spanish architecture and this bold museum makes it even more interesting and progressive.  It is considered the launch point for many indie artists from Spain and Europe. The museum features artworks from all over the world and the price of an entrance ticket is around 10 Euros. There are also guides that can be hired in order to better understand the artworks. It is definitely one of the most interesting places to visit in Barcelona.